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Sharing the fruits of our growth with our shareholders

The dividend is the proportion of Group net profit distributed to shareholders. At Air Liquide, it represents over 50% of our net profit, reflecting our commitment to sharing the fruits of our growth with our shareholders.

Dividend amount

At the Annual General Meeting on May 7, 2019, the payment of a dividend of €2.65 per share日日夜夜撸 will be proposed to shareholders for the fiscal year 2018.

The dividend?paid to our shareholders has risen +8.3% per year日日夜夜撸 on average over the past 30 years?(between 1988 and 2018).

How is the dividend paid?

  • For intermediary registered and bearer shares, Air Liquide pays the gross dividend to your financial institution, which will then credit your account with the net dividend net of withholding taxes
  • For direct registered shares, the dividend, net of withholding taxes, is paid by Air Liquide directly into your bank account

Your bank account will be credited in the following days, depending on the processing time needed by your financial institution.

Direct registered shareholders: if you have changed bank details, please send us your new Bank Identification Statement accompanied by an identity document by mail or via our?contact form.

An additional 10% in dividends

If you hold your registered shares for more than two full calendar years, the loyalty bonus gives you the right to a 10% increase in the dividend.

2019 dividend calendar

  • May 17: Last execution day for buy orders for shares to be eligible for the 2017 dividend
  • May 20: Ex-dividend date. The opening price on this day was reduced by the amount of the dividend
  • May 22: Dividend payment date


日日夜夜撸Taxation of dividend in France for those residing outside france for tax purposes (for French tax residents): a?statutory rate equal to at least 12.8% is withheld upon dividend payment by your account manager (Shareholder Services for direct registered Air Liquide shares, your financial institution for intermediary registered or bearer Air Liquide shares).

日日夜夜撸However, in most cases, a tax agreement (treaty between two countries aimed at avoiding the double-taxation of non-residents)?is signed between France and your country of residence. The main aim of this agreement is to set a flat tax rate which is withheld from your dividends. To benefit from this rate, you must send Form 5,000? - also known as Cerfa n°12816*01-02 -?(corresponding to the request to apply the rate adopted in the agreement), completed and signed by the tax authorities of your place of residence, to your account manager by mid-April. This Cerfa form can be downloaded from . It must be resent to your account manager each year, otherwise the statutory rate will be applied upon payment of the dividend.

日日夜夜撸Factsheet - Dividends

PDF - 93.25 KB

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