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Vara consensus

Please read the cautionary note below.

By clicking on the "I understand and I accept the terms and conditions below and I wish to access the site of Vara Research GmbH" link below, your web browser will leave the Air?Liquide website and be transferred to the internet site of Vara Research GmbH. The content of this site, which includes the Analysts’ Consensus Estimates, is established, published and updated by Vara Research GmbH. Please note that when accessing this link to the site of Vara Research GmbH, you do so under your own responsibility and at your own risk, in submitting yourself to the conditions of use as stipulated by the site’s owner. In no event shall Air?Liquide be responsible for your use of this site or its content.

日日夜夜撸Any information posted on the Vara Research GmbH internet site or any other internet site to which the latter referred, is not part of the Air?Liquide internet site and does not represent opinions, forecasts or estimates of Air?Liquide or its management. Furthermore, Air?Liquide provides no assurance with regard to the correctness, quality, up-date, nature, reliability or accuracy of the information contained on the internet site of Vara Research GmbH or any other internet site to which may be referred, and, in any event, Air?Liquide shall not be held responsible for any of this information.

The link to the Vara Research GmbH internet site is provided as a courtesy and for informational purposes only. The link to the internet site of Vara Research GmbH, at your own initiative and under your own responsibility, does not constitute and cannot be considered to constitute investment advice by Air?Liquide nor be assimilated to an act of intermediation.


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