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Supply modes

Supply modes

日日夜夜撸A partner of choice

From basic needs to full process support, Air?Liquide knows that reliable gas supply is crucial to its customers’ operations. Our teams work with our customers to determine the most appropriate and cost-effective supply mode based on their purity, flow and safety requirements as well as the volume of gases needed for their manufacturing processes.

Our goal is to offer an industry-leading safe and efficient supply chain that meets the specific requirements of all industries.

World class expertise for reliable and flexible gas supply

日日夜夜撸Air?Liquide has the world class expertise and flexibility in gas supply needed by industrial actors. Our supply chain is backed by standardized technologies, qualification processes and information systems that ensure reliability and safety while optimizing logistics. Thanks to our streamlined operations and our presence in the major international industrial basins, we are able to reduce our environmental footprint while delivering gases anytime, anywhere.

To this end, Air?Liquide is a partner of choice for industrial actors. We accompany our customers and provide advanced capabilities from dedicated on-site supply and extended pipeline networks to individual packaged gas.

Air separation unit, Ingleside (United States).

Air?Liquide: the benchmark in pipeline supply

Our customers with large volume requirements (especially in the chemicals, metals and refining industries) can benefit from the power of plants connected to pipeline networks in a shared industrial basin.

For the past 40?years, we have built up a robust pipeline network. Today, we run three major networks spanning over 9,000?kilometers that allow us to keep our customers’ operations running steadily. These networks stretch over the Gulf Coast in the United States, northern Europe (France, Belgium, Netherlands) and the Ruhr valley in Germany, in particular.

A pipeline gas supply operated non-stop is the most efficient and reliable way of delivering gases to large industrial customers. Air?Liquide’s unmatched network of production units and pipelines enables us to supply the world’s major industrial clusters and guarantee maximum reliability and an uninterrupted supply of gas to our customers over the long term.

Dedicated on-site gas supply

Air?Liquide can also supply very large quantities of gas directly from dedicated on-site plants which consist of gas production units installed directly on customer premises. Our expertise in reliable and energy efficient supply of industrial gases allows our customers to focus on their core business.

At Air?Liquide we have the capacity to invest, design, build and operate very large units dedicated to our industrial customers for their competitiveness. Thus we guarantee a maximum reliability in gas supply to our customers over the long term.

Our supply offer for very large industries is centered upon three types of production solutions, all backed by state of the art gas technologies:

  • Air separation units (ASU): an ASU compresses, liquefies and distills air in order to separate its different components (mainly oxygen, nitrogen, argon)
  • Steam methane reformers (SMR): an SMR produces hydrogen and carbon monoxide by reforming?steam and methane
  • Cogeneration consists of simultaneously and efficiently producing electricity and steam by consuming natural gas and water. Electricity is supplied to the local network while steam is required for certain industrial processes

Focus on

FLOXAL? outsourcing solution

日日夜夜撸For customers with lower volume requirements but who need gas at continuous and relatively stable flow rates, our FLOXAL? offer is available for oxygen, nitrogen or hydrogen.

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Through FLOXAL?日日夜夜撸, we work hand-in-hand with our customers to design, install, operate and maintain an on-site gas generation plant. To support our offer, we provide full back-up to ensure 100% availability and to protect your performance.

To suit customers’ evolving needs, FLOXAL?日日夜夜撸 is designed to be a flexible, modular system in the event an upgrade or downgrade is necessary.

FLOXAL?日日夜夜撸 is a long-term offer that reflects Air?Liquide’s commitment to competitive pricing and equipment durability. Accompanied by a longer contractual agreement, it means stable pricing and predictable costs for our customers.


Proven expertise in liquid supply of gases

Air?Liquide has proven expertise in the liquid supply of gases (using dedicated cryogenic trailers) for medium and large needs. We are uniquely positioned to deliver our customers the best in liquid supply.?

Our strong track record for reliability is built upon the presence of dispatch centers in the heart of industrial basins. We draw upon our logistics, tank telemonitoring and service capabilities to create premium bulk supply offers tailored our customers.

To this end, our teams deliver, install and maintain the storages our customers need for their manufacturing processes. For gas consumption ranging from 400 to 4,000m3/month, we offer classic installations or compact air gases cryogenic vessels (Skid Tank solution).

日日夜夜撸As a result, customers benefit from our industry leading level of service so they can focus on their operations.?

Air Liquide truck in Canada.

Premium packaged gas solutions

Air?Liquide designs and produces the market’s safest, most ergonomic, user-friendly cylinders and valves for small, medium and mobile gas needs.

日日夜夜撸For customers whose gas consumption does not exceed 5,000m3 a year, we offer advanced packages including:

  • SMARTOP?, our cutting-edge, smart residual pressure valve. It features on/off lever and permanent content gauge. SMARTOP? is included in our ARCAL? shielding gases and ALPHAGAZ? pure gases premium offers
  • ALTOP?, the world’s first built-in regulator with an on/off lever: as one of our best-sellers, it is available in over 35?countries
  • EXELTOP?, the next generation built-in regulator
Cylinder equipped with the SMARTOP? cap.
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