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日日夜夜撸Expert solutions in raw materials processing and assembly

日日夜夜撸Demand for mobility is growing around the world and the production of vehicles is on the rise, boosting automotive production. At the same time, safety and environmental considerations are paramount to the automobile industry. These requirements raise interest in developing lightweight materials but also electric or fuel cell vehicles. Thus, innovation in materials, design and technologies is playing an increasingly important role in the market, which must adapt to these changes.

Boosting productivity for automotive manufacturers

At Air?Liquide, we recognize that automobile manufacturers need solutions to improve their yields and to boost their productivity. To this end, we deliver high-quality standardized products around the globe, particularly to metal fabrication companies and parts manufacturers of all types of vehicle components.

A decades-old know-how in metal fabrication

We are a trusted partner for the entire automotive process, from the elaboration of raw materials to the fabrication and treatment of subcomponents and the recycling of parts.

Our worldwide presence enables us to manage global players effectively and deploy specific solutions for local markets, while our decades-old know-how in metal fabrication enables us to strengthen our customers’ competitiveness in developing economies.

  • Exhaust line,

    • Welding, vehicle air pollution monitoring
    • (emission control).
  • Car body

    • Laser (welding, plasma...)
    • with protective atmospheres.
  • Engine and mechanical

    • Gears, pinions, common rail, injectors : heat treatment
    • with controlled atmosphere. Manufacture and leakage
    • test for radiator and air conditioner.
  • Tires

    • Safe inflation.
    • Rubber curing and tire molding.
    • Cryogrinding for recycling.
  • Plastic materials

    Dashboard, seats, bumpers, fuet tank.

  • Airbags

    • Gas filling.
    • Laser welding.
  • Electronic

    • Electronic chips (ABS, on-board computers...).
    • Component assembly.
  • Headlights

    New technologies to improve night vision :

    • front and rear lights, interior lighting.


日日夜夜撸 "Automotive manufacturers need to perform more and more rigorous engine emissions testing on new vehicles."

Martin Vasarhelyi , Offer Designer, Research & Analytics

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What is the current state of engine emissions testing regulations?

Automotive manufacturers need to perform more and more rigorous engine emissions testing on new vehicles. They are forced to monitor and measure these emissions by national authorities, such as the American (EPA) and the European directives (commonly called Euro) being the most common. As the manufacturing and sales of automobiles are global, there is an increasing need to comply with both legislations, which impose specific requirements.

What is the role of specialty gases in engine emissions testing?

New engine development for a vehicle takes four to five years, and costs billions of Euros. During this development, phase measurements of the engine emissions are critical for the R&D teams. Before the engine can be used in a car, it must go through an intensive ‘Type Approval’ process to ensure emissions are below the legal limits. ?

Manufacturers, their suppliers and testing centers use dedicated analytical equipment that require specialty gases to function. These gases guarantee ultra-high-purity and precision to ensure accurate analyses and reliable precise analytical results.

What does Air Liquide offer for engine emissions testing?

Air Liquide’s offer encompasses specialty gases with dual-compliance and certification to EPA and EU standards. In fact, Air Liquide is the first and only gas supplier to propose dual-compliance products that conform to regulations in both in the US and the EU.

Our products are part of the ALPHAGAZ? range, Air Liquide’s premium brand of specialty gases for analytical applications. The offer features a complete, yet simple range of the most commonly requested pure gases and mixtures for engine emissions testing. We offer ALPHAGAZ? AUTO, which are pure gases like ultra-pure air and nitrogen for zero and purge, as well as ALPHAGAZ? Mix日日夜夜撸 products for calibration.

Specialty gases are used at all stages, from engine design and development to “go-to-market approval”, including for on-road or real driving emissions (RDE) and Portable Emissions Measurement Systems (PEMS) testing.


Supporting major steps in automotive production

We offer critical support in the major steps of the automobile manufacturing process by leveraging our expertise to tailor our innovations and offers to these steps.

Cutting of metallic raw materials, such as sheets, tubes and coils, is the first step to creating vehicle components and metallic structures. Laser cutting is the most used process for the thinner sheets. LASAL? solution combines pure and pre-mixed lasing gases strictly compliant with laser manufacturer specifications and high purity process gases to improve performance and reliability of specialized laser cutting jobs.

Metal heat treatment is a process designed to make mechanical parts of vehicles more resistant. ALNAT?日日夜夜撸 is our range of metal heat treatment solutions and is a packaged offer encompassing gas, related handling equipment and services for value-added processes.

Laser welding is the most productive technology to join thin materials used in automotives. From regular CO2?lasers to fiber and solid ones, Air?Liquide supplies with LASAL?日日夜夜撸 gases the most suitable shielding products: helium, argon or mixtures.

ARC welding is one of the most widespread methods for joining vehicle components and structures. ARCAL?日日夜夜撸 is our leading brand of shielding gases (argon and argon-based mixtures), compliant with ISO standards. Best fit for MIG-MAG and TIG processes.

Emissions testing is essential for automotive manufacturers to ensure that automobile exhaust complies with emission standards (e.g. Euro VI and EPA 1066). ALPHAGAZ?日日夜夜撸 is Air?Liquide’s comprehensive range of specialty gases for analysis and quality control. Our gases are used in automotive industries for the development, certification and manufacturing of vehicles.

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