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Preserve quality of life for patients, at home

日日夜夜撸As a pioneer and leader in home healthcare, Air Liquide Healthcare takes care of 1.6 million patients suffering from chronic diseases at home. We seek to increase the autonomy of patients, to improve their treatment adherence and to reduce the risks of complications and rehospitalization.


in Europe

30 years

日日夜夜撸 of expertise

Providing a complete suite of services

Once the diagnosis and the treatment are established by the physician, the long term treatment of these patients requires education, on-going support, intervention by trained nurses or technicians and implementation of therapy in the fields of respiratory, infusion, nutritional assistance and other therapeutic areas.

Our multi-disciplinary teams, which include pharmacists, nurses, nutritionists, healthcare professionals and technicians, work with the medical community, patients and their care givers to provide these services as cost-effectively as possible.


Through our respiratory Home Healthcare activity, and in compliance with international clinical guidelines, we help take care of patients suffering from chronic diseases.

Such as:


By enabling and supporting drug administration at home, our infusion activity contributes to the management of:

Other pathologies concerned:?Cancers, Nutritional deficiencies, Immunodeficiency, Rare diseases (such as Cystic fibrosis)…

Integrated solutions

To avoid complications in care and treatment, it is essential to identify high-risk patients, provide them with the tools, coaching and motivation they need to adhere to treatment, and monitor their vital signs in order to adapt our level of support and intervention by trained nurses or technicians.

Doing so helps prevent costly hospitalizations and diminished quality of life. We contribute actively to improving healthcare and economic outcomes by offering integrated solutions to practitioners, payers and patients. Our programs aim to contribute to improved disease management, patient support日日夜夜撸, and enhanced coordination and provision of care.

We are working to develop and facilitate home healthcare services for patients.

Medical devices

Air Liquide Healthcare offers products that are designed with patients’ needs in mind. is our dedicated subsidiary for the design of innovative medical devices to be used among others by patients suffering from chronic respiratory diseases.

Our offer includes:

  • Ventilators and patient interfaces for patients requiring ventilation at home
  • Patient interfaces?such as masks and remote monitoring for patients suffering from sleep apneailitation programs
  • Devices for aerosol therapy

Innovative and easy-to use日日夜夜撸 medical devices improve the daily comfort of patients at home.


Our commitment

In complement to our areas of expertise, we maintain a stringent commitment to protecting vulnerable lives. Our number one concern is to meet patients’ safety and support needs.

Safety has always been at the heart of what we do. As a responsible company, we aim to provide safe and reliable service日日夜夜撸 to our patients. We offer solutions for setting up efficient and secure treatment at home while respecting medical prescriptions at all times.

Air?Liquide Healthcare ensures continuous training日日夜夜撸 and qualification of its teams, evaluation and enhancement of equipment safety. We also develop processes and skills to identify potential hazards and safety precautions necessary at home.

Additionally, we support patients by working jointly with organizations committed to raising awareness and treating chronic diseases.

We had worked with (International Diabetes Federation Europe), the European chapter of the International Diabetes Federation in its information and awareness-raising activities targeting patients with this condition, the general public, and public policymakers in Europe.

日日夜夜撸We also have supported IDF Europe to advance diabetes research with 2018 Young Researcher Award. The purpose is to reward the work of a young researcher under 40 who is involved in research projects aimed at improving the health of patients with diabetes.

All around the world, we support patient associations日日夜夜撸 in countries we are present in.


“Commitment is everything. I train diabetes patients and caregivers in proper use of equipment and treatment so they can be autonomous once they return home.”

Vanessa Boullanger , Nurse, France

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