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CREATiVE research fund

日日夜夜撸Committed to your investigation

The Creative Research Fund by Air Liquide Healthcare aims to support Investigator’s creativity for research in an Investigator Initiated Sponsored (IIS) studies’ program. It stands for our commitment in anticipating challenges facing the healthcare community contributing to protect vulnerable lives.

CREATivE all together for the continuum of care

To fulfill it we invite qualified scientists and physicians affiliated with academic medical centres, community health centres, cooperative groups, hospitals, physician networks, private practices and universities to share our commitment and continued effort to create the best medical solutions for the continuum of care.

CREATivE area

We support ideas and innovation日日夜夜撸 in many investigation fields, defined each year.

Those strategic themes may be:

  • Application of Air?Liquide Gases, Drug, Device or Service in:
  • Analgesia & Anasthesia
  • ?Any hypoxia related disease
  • Any ischemia / reperfusion phenomenon
  • Cardiology
  • Central Nervous System
  • Critical Care
  • Respiratory disease
  • Home healthcare programs, based on coordination and care of patients affected with chronic diseases outside of hospital, as for example in respiratory, perfusion, nutrition, diabetes fields

Are you CREATivE compatible?

Ask for a request file and submit it, our dedicated scientific review committee will analyse it following precise criteria.


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