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Engineering & Construction


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A technology partner of choice

Air?Liquide Engineering & Construction is the world engineering and construction business unit of the Air?Liquide Group. Through cutting-edge innovation applied to a comprehensive portfolio of proprietary technology, Air?Liquide Engineering & Construction contributes to the transformation of many industries and is able to meet the growing needs of customers for safe, reliable and competitive operations.

Air?Liquide Engineering & Construction is recognized as a technology partner of choice for the design, engineering and construction of leading-edge processing facilities and related infrastructures worldwide.

A full suite of technologies and solutions

Air?Liquide Engineering & Construction offers a full suite of customizable solutions at the service of many industries. Around the world, we are helping our customers to optimize and integrate their processes with smarter and efficient technologies. We do this thanks to our people and their capability to constantly innovate and improve our products and services portfolio.

Maintaining control over quality, minimizing risks and delivering on performance

Air?Liquide Engineering & Construction can offer complete solutions across the entire life-cycle of projects日日夜夜撸, from feasibility studies to handover of the completed facility with the connection of all utilities. As such, we meet the challenges of the most complex projects, maintaining control over quality, minimizing risks and delivering on performance.

Designing local solutions with global capabilities

日日夜夜撸Global capabilities, local footprints, with engineering and manufacturing centers around all continents to better serve our clients.

Global capabilities, local solutions
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