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Supporting you throughout your career

A variety of learning opportunities are offered by Air Liquide, from onboarding through to continued development support during your career. This approach reflects the need for lifelong learning, increasingly important as careers become longer and more diverse.


training days per employee on average in 2017


of our employees followed at least one training session in 2017

Towards a learning organization

Air Liquide’s stated objective in this area is to become a “learning organization”: where employees continuously create, acquire and transfer knowledge. By doing so, they help the company become more agile and effective, enabling it to better serve customers and society as a whole.

Our learning programs are delivered consistently across geographies and business lines.

Global learning programs

日日夜夜撸Our corporate university builds global programs for:

  • Onboarding
  • Management and leadership
  • Essential skills in strategic business areas
  • Sales and business-focused topics

These programs are delivered consistently across geographies and business lines. And to complement this offer, businesses and functions build programs based on specific technical or functional skills, supported by the university.

Building networks

At the heart of the “learning organization” Air Liquide University’s role is to foster the core values of innovation, openness, performance and diversity across the Group. It encourages a shared culture and understanding of Air Liquide’s strategic priorities, while facilitating networking between populations.

日日夜夜撸New learning methods are incorporated in order to keep the Group in step with 21st-century trends and expectations.


日日夜夜撸 “Through its programs and organization, the University supports the Group’s strategic initiatives and promotes the Group’s culture.”

Edith Lemieux 日日夜夜撸, Head of the Air Liquide University

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What is the mission of the Air Liquide University?

The university has an established Group-wide presence today. We’re promoting new ways of learning, both in and out of traditional settings. It’s helping to spread these new methods widely, by helping business lines and corporate functions in designing their learning programs.

How are you breaking away from traditional learning?

Modern learning, for adults, blends formal and informal techniques, e-learning, classroom, coaching, mentoring, co-development and so on. The goal is to make it as active and relevant as possible. The many examples include role-playing, simulation exercises, serious games, workshops, case studies, structured discussions, and different feedback mechanisms. Each activity builds upon the one before it, even to the point of enabling participants to go further and seek out more learning opportunities on their own later.


Management and leadership programs a “must”

日日夜夜撸Our programs cover the whole spectrum of modern management situations, diffusing a common language across the enterprise. These programs serve the individual manager’s need to make sense of a world in which volatility and complexity are the norm. And by strengthening a key population, they ensure that the Group as a whole possesses the skills needed to maintain long-term leadership.

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