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日日夜夜撸Be mobile, gain technical expertise

Air Liquide’s presence in over 80 countries, in addition to its diverse business activities, creates a wealth of exciting career possibilities. Reflecting the importance of diversity, there’s no “standard career path”. Instead, each employee’s trajectory is customized to their individual objectives and the opportunities they seize within the Group. Two major levers are internal mobility and technical expertise.

Internal mobility: a cornerstone in career development

Internal mobility, whether in terms of shifting job function or geography, is a long-standing talent management practice at Air Liquide. It opens a wide range of possibilities for motivated employees and ensures that everyone benefits from the diversity that each talent brings. It also builds extremely strong and lasting networks within the Group.

This development approach creates unique career paths fitting each individual’s profile.

日日夜夜撸Here’s a selection of testimonials to illustrate career mobility and life at Air Liquide:?

Fostering technical expertise

Special care is taken to foster technical expertise over the long term. Expertise makes a crucial difference to being able to anticipate customers’ needs and business objectives through innovative solutions. Our technical population benefits from a program called Technical Community Leaders (or TCL).

日日夜夜撸In place since 2002, the TCL provides Air Liquide’s high-performing technical talents with a structured yet flexible career path that offers recognition, reward and influence. It means that experts can fully develop in their chosen field.

The Technical Community Leader has 6 main levels: local expert, local senior expert, international expert, international senior expert, fellow and senior fellow. Each level is a progression in terms of responsibilities, recognition and prestige.


“With more than 150 domains of expertise reaching from healthcare to aerospace, Air Liquide provides a vast playing-field for talented people to explore their technical potential.”

Fran?ois Darchis , Senior Vice-President

Living networks

Above all, TCL is a network of experts that promotes and sustains key technical skills for Air Liquide’s success today and in the future. Together, the members of this network :

  • Develop the knowledge and skills necessary to reach their full potential
  • Network with other technical leaders to innovate, collaborate and share knowledge
  • Gain increased recognition for their expertise and progress up through the levels

Focus on

What makes a TCL expert?

Experts are selected for their strong expertise in science and technology and their active contribution to innovation. They also demonstrate entrepreneurial spirit, a customer-oriented mindset, backed by superior analytical and decision-making skills.

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日日夜夜撸TCLs ensure Air Liquide's continued success by creating value through their contributions to:

  • Delivering technology
  • Driving Innovation
  • Business development
  • Enhancing knowledge management

Furthermore, the TCL program continues to evolve in order to support the development of the Experts and guarantee sustainability of competencies required to meet the needs of future business growth.

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