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To help future graduates discover our business and job opportunities, Air Liquide develops close relationships with schools and universities all over the world.

Coming at you for privileged moments

In about 50 countries worldwide, Air Liquide has built longstanding relationships with many educational institutions, visiting campuses multiple times per year to participate in student forums, job fairs and recruiting events. You are wondering about your career? Come and meet us to find if your journey should include Air Liquide.

These are privileged moments to discuss with our campus managers. Leaders and experts in various fields (engineering, finance, marketing etc.) take part in these events to share their experience and answer your questions. Some of them can even be alumni from the same campus!

Examples of initiatives:

  • The 2014 “Astrolabe Career Forum” that took place in Abu Dhabi was a great opportunity to promote our activities in the Middle East while “career speed networking” sessions were organized to discuss the students’ professional projects
  • Throughout the spring of each year, we take part in many campus recruiting events across the United States: University of Delaware, Georgia Tech University, Purdue University, Texas A&M University are among the campuses we visit
  • We also organize site visits on regular basis, like in 2014 when students of Centrale and Supélec energy option had the opportunity to visit the EuroCryospace plant based in Les Mureaux (France) before discussing with our teams

Partnerships and initiatives

We have agreements with schools and universities for even deeper partnerships. Depending on their course load, students may take part in educational projects or invest themselves in a full assignment. These may be collaborative projects, research programs, internships or one-off assignments. In either case, the university and Air Liquide share the responsibility.

Recent example. In 2013 we signed a strategic agreement with Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU)日日夜夜撸 and we now finance 5-year research programs in the fields of material science, biology and microelectronics at SJTU. The agreement includes an “Air Liquide Scholarship” for excellent students.

In Germany, we liaise closely with the private university of applied science (Nordakademie), a system of dual studies (business engineering, business economics, IT) in which students have a contract with us.

Some initiatives are more disruptive than others.? For example, the “Rock my Plant” competition of ideas launched in 2013 by Air Liquide's i-Lab日日夜夜撸. It offered to 65 architecture students from Italy, Poland, Turkey and France the opportunity to dream up and design Air Liquide's air separation unit of the future.? We got some really amazing projects - hard to realize as such but a great source of inspiration for our experts!?

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